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Terms of Service service (the “Service”) is a collection of cloud computing products and services, Internet technology services (such as email service) and network services provided by Shanghai Yungoal Info Tech Co., Ltd. (the “Company” or “Yungoal”) to users. Detailed information about the aforementioned products and services can be found in website (the “Site”). The terms of service (the “Terms”) are signed between you and the Company.

I. General Rules

II. Account

2.1 Registration and login

2.1.1 Eligible users

2.1.2 Registration and accounts

2.2 Account security

2.2.1 You are responsible for keeping your Yunboard username and password confidential. You are responsible for all activities occurred under your username and password (including but not limited to, information disclosure, information release, clicking “agree” or submitting various agreements online, online agreement renewal or service purchase). You agree that: (a) if you find anyone using your Yunboard username and password without authorization, or any other violations of confidentiality provisions, you will notify the Company immediately, and authorize the Company to update the information to the Yunboard website; and (b) make sure you exit the website in correct steps when finish using the Site. The Company cannot and will not take any responsibility for any loss or damage occurred due to your non-compliance with the Terms. You understand that a reasonable amount of time is required for the Company to take actions on your request. The Company does not assume any responsibilities for consequences (including but not limited to any of your loss) occurred before taking any actions. Unless it is legally required or judicially decided and with the consent of the Company, your Yunboard username and password will not be transferred, donated or inherited (except the property right relevant to your account) in any manner.

2.3 Account deregistration

2.3.1 The Company reserves the right to stop or terminate your service when you violate country and local regulations or when you violate the Terms.

Deregistration of Yunboard username

III. – Condition of Use

To effectively guarantee your legitimate rights when using the Service, you acknowledge and agree with the following rules:

3.1 During your use of the Service, the content of this agreement, instructions of operations on the webpage or messages (SMS or phone calls) sent to your cellphone, are relevant rules of using the Service. Your use of the Service signifies that you agrees with the relevant rules of the Service. You acknowledge and agree that the Company has the right to modify relevant service rules unilaterally without your permission in advance. The instructions on the webpage shall prevail when using the Service (or SMS or phone calls to your cellphone). It is the prerequisite of using the Service that you agree and follow the service rules.

3.2 The Company may inform you the service progress and prompts you to the next operation in the forms of e-mail (or SMSs or phone calls sent to your cellphone). However, the Company cannot guarantee that you can receive or can in-timely receive the email/SMSs/phone calls, and the Company does not take any responsibilities for any resulting consequences. Therefore, you need to log in to the Site to check and perform transactions in time. The Company is not responsible for any dispute or damage caused by not checking, modifying or confirming service status or by failure to submit relevant applications timely.

3.3 You authorize that the Company can verify your identity and qualification through third-parties, and get relevant information regarding your use of the Service.

3.4 When using the Service, the Company has the right to charge service fees according to relevant service charge information, bills and/or relevant agreements. The Company has the right to make and modify service fee plans. The exact fee is subject to the charging method listed in service webpage or to the other written agreements signed between you and the Company.

IV. Your Rights and Obligations

4.1 You have the right to use Internet technologies and information services provided by Yunboard, and you have the right to receive services such as technical support, consulting when using Yunboard service. The service details can be found in relevant product introductions on website.

4.2 You guarantee that you will not use technologies or other methods to damage or disturb the Site or the websites of other Yunboard customers.

4.3 You respect the intellectual property and other legal rights of the Company and other third-parties, and you guarantee to take efforts to protect the Company, its shareholders, employees and partners from being influenced or damaged when infringement occurs. The Company reserves the right to terminate the Service without any refund when you have infringed the legal rights or interests of the Company.

4.4 You are responsible for the resulting consequences (including but not limited to the consequences and losses from not receiving notifications from in time) due to providing incorrect contact information or due to the insecurity or instability of your e-mail address.

4.5 You guarantee to follow country and local legal regulations, industry practices and social public morals when using the Service. You guarantee not to store, publish or transmit the following information using the Service: any contents (information) that violate country legal regulations; political propagandas and/or news that violate state regulations; information of state secret and/or state security; feudal superstitions and/or obscene, pornographic information, or information abetting crime; lottery and gambling games; information that violates national ethnic and religious policies; information that impedes Internet security; information which infringes the legal rights and interests of others and/or other information or contents which jeopardize social order, social security or public morals. Meanwhile, you guarantee not to provide any convenience for others to publish the aforementioned contents, including but not limited to, setting URL and banner links. You agree that the Company has the right to terminate providing the Service to you without any refund when you violate the aforementioned rules. You shall compensate for the loss of the Company which are caused by your actions.

V. Rights and Obligations of Yunboard

5.1 Yunboard is responsible for providing qualified network technologies and information services according to your choice of services and your payment conditions.

5.2 Yunboard guarantees to take security measures to protect your information. Yunboard does not disclose your information, does not authorize any third-parties to use your information, unless:

5.2.1 According to the Terms or other service agreements, contracts or online agreements between you and Yunboard, it is allowed to provide your information.

5.2.2 Your information should be provided according to laws and regulations.

5.2.3 Administrative and judicial departments require Yunboard to provide your information.

5.2.4 You authorize Yunboard to provide your information to third-parties.

5.2.5 Yunboard submits your information for solving reported incidents or raised lawsuits.

5.2.6 Yunboard must provide your information, in order to avoid serious violation or occurrence of suspected crime activities and to take necessary actions.

5.2.7 Yunboard provide your information to third-parties in order to offer you products, services and information. This includes providing products, services and information to you through third-parties’ technologies and services.

VI. Protection of privacy and other personal information

Upon your agreement of the Terms or your usage of the Service, you agree to allow the Company to use and disclose your personal information according to the following terms.

6.1 Username and password

When registering an account, we will ask you to set your username and password to verify your identity. You will also be asked to set your security question and answer, in order to identify you when you lost your password. You can only use your account with the password you set. If you leak your password, you may lose your personal identification information, and unfavorable legal consequences may be caused. If your account and password is under any potential or actual risks, you should contact the Company immediately. Before taking any actions, the Company is not responsible for it.

6.2 User information

You should provide real information when registering or activating your account, including but not limited to, your name, address, nationality, phone number and e-mail address. You can also choose to fill in additional information (including but not limited to, the province and city your company is in, time zone, postal code, fax number, your homepage and your title). You acknowledge and agree that the Company and its affiliate companies or other websites you log in, to notify you via e-mail or cellphone, in order to offer targeted new services and opportunities to you.

6.3 Bank account information

If the services provided by the Company require you to provide your bank account information, the Company will implement relevant confidential agreement strictly upon your provision of corresponding information.

6.4 Login record

To ensure service security and to continuously improve service quality, the Company will record and save your login information and relevant information of using the Service. However, the Company promises not to provide this kind of information to any third-parties (except there is a binding agreement between the two parties, or otherwise specified by legal regulations, or it is provided to affiliate companies of the Company).

6.5 Advertisement

The Company will perform general statistical analysis using user information, and disclose the information for use of sales and rewarding purposes.

6.6 Collection and storage of service information

Due to purposes of a. providing the Service effectively and b. improving our products and services to better satisfy your needs, offering customized services and avoiding weakening your product or user experience, the Company may automatically collect and store your software information, hardware information, the information you upload to Yunboard server and your preferences from your intelligent devices (including cellphones, computers, TVs and so on), the aforementioned information includes but not limited to, your cellphone IMEI number, username, information of operating system, your IP address, Cookie information, use of location services such as GPS and your webpage history.

6.7 External links

The Site includes links to other websites. However, the Company is not responsible for the privacy policies of other websites. The Company may add websites of business partners or shared brands whenever it is needed.

6.8 Security

The Company provides corresponding security measures in current technologies to ensure that the information obtained is not lost, abused or altered. The security measures include data backups in other servers and encryptions of user passwords. Security measures taken notwithstanding, the Company does not guarantee the absolute safety of these information.

6.9 Usage

6.9.1 The Company will use your personal information in accordance with law for internal purposes such as auditing, data analysis, research and sharing with affiliate companies, so that you can better experience the Services provided by the Company and the Company can also improve the products and services.

6.9.2 According to specific situations, the Company will provide certain personal information to partners which offer products and services together with the Company or help the Company conduct marketing activities. The Company only shares personal information with third-parties for the purpose of providing or improving products, services and marketing activities of the Company. The Company will not share or sell personal information for the marketing purposes of third-parties. The Company is obliged to request partners to follow confidentiality agreement strictly.

VII. System outage or breakdown

The system may not function normally in the following circumstances, making networking services unavailable for you. The Company is not liable for damages caused in these circumstances, include but not limited to:

7.1 System maintenance of the Company.

7.2 Malfunction of telecommunication devices, which makes data transmission impossible.

7.3 Typhoon, earthquake, tsunami, flood, power failure, wars, terrorist attack and other force majeure, which cause system failure so that the Company is not able to conduct business activities.

7.4 Service stop or delay caused by factors such as hacker attack, technical adjustment, failure of telecommunication section, website upgrade and problems with banks.

VIII. Scope and limits of liability

8.1 The Company is only responsible for the liabilities which are explicitly stated in the Terms.

8.2 Partners of the Service shall be responsible for the quality of service and content they provide.

8.3 Where permitted by law, the Company is not responsible for any indirect, punitive, special or derived damages (including transaction damage, income loss, profit loss, data loss or other loss of economic interest), regardless of how these damages are caused, regardless of violation of the Terms (including breach of warranty) or infringement, even if such possible loss is informed in advance. In addition, even if the exclusive remedies set in the Terms do not fulfill fundamental purposes, the liabilities of the Company to the aforementioned loss should be exempted.

8.4 Except otherwise specified, you agree that the compensation in any circumstances do not exceed the service fees charged for the service.

IX. Entire Agreement

This agreement (the Agreement) consists of the Terms and the rules published in the Site. Terms in the Agreement cross reference to each other. If different understandings arise, the Agreement shall prevail.
Your acknowledgement of the Agreement implies that you acknowledge and agree with all components of the Agreement. You and the Company are bounded by all components of the Agreement upon your usage of the Service.
In event of illegality of any part of the Agreement as is deemed by the court with jurisdiction, such illegality shall not affect the effect of the other terms in the Agreement.

X. Protection of trademark and intellectual property

10.1 Except for products or services of third-parties, all contents of the Site, including but not limited to, works, pictures, archives, information, materials, architectures, web designs, are intellectual properties of the Company or its affiliate companies. The intellectual property rights include but not limited to, trademark right, patent right, copyright, and business secrets.

10.2 Unless with written permission of the Company or its affiliate companies, it is not allowed to use, edit, copy, transmit, change, release or publish programs or contents of the Site.

10.3 It is your obligations to respect intellectual properties. You shall be liable for damages caused in case of any violation of intellectual property rights.

XI. Jurisdiction and application of law

The validity, interpretation, modification, execution and dispute resolution of the Terms shall be governed by the laws of People’s Republic of China. Any dispute arising therefrom shall be dealt in accordance with the laws of People’s Republic of China, and shall be submitted to People’s Court of Minhang District, Shanghai for arbitration.