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Privacy Policy

Yunboard respects the privacy of service users. To offer more accurate and more personalized services for you, Yunboard will use and disclose your personal information according to this privacy policy (the “Policy”). However, your personal information will be handled with the most care. Unless otherwise specified, Yunboard will not disclose your personal information publicly or to any third-parties without your permission in advance. Please note that the Policy may change from time to time. Your agreement with the Terms of Service (the “Terms”) of Yunboard is deemed as your agreement with the entire Policy. The Policy is an inseparable part of Yunboard Terms of Service.

1. Information we collect

a) When you register a Yunboard account, you are required to provide personal or organizational information which are necessary for registration.

b) When you use service or access website, Yunboard receives and records certain information on your browser and computer automatically, including but not limited to, your IP address, browser type, language you use, date and time of visit, software and hardware information and records of the webpages you required.

c) Personal information of users collected from Yunboard’s business partners through legal channels.

You understand and agree that the Policy does not apply to the following information:

Credit evaluation, violation of laws, violations of Yunboard rules, and the measures taken by Yunboard to you.

2. How we use information we collect

a) Yunboard will not offer, sell, lease, share or trade your personal information to any unrelated third-parties without your permission in advance. Third-parties will be prohibited to access all the information after service termination, which are accessible when they provide services to you individually or collectively with Yunboard./p>

b) Yunboard will not allow any third-parties to collect, edit, sell or transmit your personal information for free in any manners. Yunboard has the right to terminate the service terms with any user who are discovered to have performed the aforementioned activities.

c) Yunboard may send information which you are interested in, by leveraging your personal information. The information includes but not limited to, product information, service information, or information sent by Yunboard’s partners about their products and services (which requires your consent in advance).

3. Information disclosure

We will disclose your personal information in whole or in part, according to your personal willingness or legal regulations, in the following situations:

a) To third-parties with your consent in advance.

b) If you are an eligible intellectual property right complainant and have raised a complaint, you will be required to disclose your personal information to the respondent in order to deal with the possible disputes.

c) Disclosure to third-parties or administrative and judicial institutions according to relevant legal regulations, or according to the requirements of administrative institutions or judicial institutions.

d) Disclosure to third-parties when you violate relevant laws and regulations of People’s Republic of China or Yunboard Service Terms and its relevant rules.

e) It is necessary to disclose your personal information with third-parties, in order to provide the products and services you required.

f) In a certain transaction created on, if any party of the transaction has fulfilled or partly fulfilled the transaction obligation and has raised request of information disclosure, Yunboard has the right to provide necessary information of the dealing party such as contact information to this user, in order to complete the transaction or to solve disputes.

g) Other disclosures which are considered appropriate by Yunboard according to laws, regulations or website policies.

4. Storage and exchange of information

Your personal information collected by Yunboard is stored in the servers of Yunboard and (or) that of the affiliated companies of Yunboard. These information may be transmitted to the country and region where you are located in, or overseas from where Yunboard collects these information and data, and these information and data may be accessed, stored and displayed from overseas.

5. Installation and use of Yunboard Windows Service

a) Yunboard Windows Service will be installed on your computer only with your permission. It will collect some system information or configuration information of your computer, including but not limited to, your IP address, CPU, RAM, data size in each disk partition, software and hardware specific information, so that you can migrate all your local data and operating system configuration to the cloud in one-click.

b) You have the right to refuse installing Yunboard Windows Service, but you will not be able to use most services and functions of

c) Relevant information acquired through Yunboard Windows Service applies to the Policy.

6. Information security

By using Open Auth, you can log in to using Microsoft ID. The servers of Yunboard do not store user account names or passwords. The login security level of Yunboard is equivalent to that of Microsoft ID. Security measures aforementioned notwithstanding, please also notice that an absolutely perfect security measure does not exist in an information network.

7. Protection of Minors’ Personal Information

The natural persons, who have no full capacity of civil rights and civil conduct, do not have the right to use services provided by In this circumstance, please do not provide any of your personal information to Yunboard.