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Hassle-free cloud resource management

let you focus on your application and business

One-key migration
Resource management
24*7 Monitoring

Pricing Calculator

Yunboard offers the most comprehensive price comparison system, recommending the most cost-effective cloud resource allocation plans based on your business demands.

Major cloud providers in 1 place

Real-time pricing

Spot cost effective plan

Resource Management

Public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, no matter which solution you are applying, Yunboard is able to consolidate and realize centralized management of servers, networks and databases.

Cross-platform/architecture management

Resource consolidation

Seamless and convenient usage


Yunboard precisely calculates your resource consumption. The customized report helps you stay informed about your spending. With Big Data analysis and machine learning, Yunboard provides comprehensive cost optimization advice and spending alert to ensure business continuity.

Familiar with pricing patterns

Multi-channel budget alert and advice

Simple and diverse reports


Yunboard provides all-round 24/7 monitoring with logs and alert reports to help you know about your system and significantly reduce the risk of experiencing downtime or business failure.

Support major NMP

20+ global monitoring points

Multiple alert channels


Yunboard supports enterprise-level security management standards including AWS IAM and Azure Active Directory. You can manage the entire resource lifecycle in the auditing process. All our efforts in risk control is meant to protect the confidentiality of your business.

Customized user management rules

Secure business & privacy

Enterprise-level security